Shop with purpose. Each purchase alleviates poverty, reduces inequality & creates opportunities.                                                                                                         

Ecuador is a beautiful and diverse country, filled with nature, adventure, art, culture and traditions in four very different regions. Ecuador is made up of the Amazon, the Andes Mountains, the Pacific Coast, and the Galapagos Islands. While living abroad in Quito, the country’s capital in the Andes region, we craved the rich diversity Ecuador had to offer. My wife, brother, brother-in-law, and I went on a road trip through three out of the four regions to explore, find adventure, and to enrich our cultural awareness.

Along our journey, we fell in love with the experiences Ecuador gave us. We met many people, like tourists from all over the world, locals, and artisans. The Ecuadorian population includes many skilled, traditional artisans that create gorgeous crafts and products. Throughout our road trip, we were mesmerized by these beautiful products and found ourselves buying as many as we could. We wanted to take pieces of Ecuador home with us, as well as recognize the artisans’ hard and skilled work. Along our way we were inspired by these people and their craft, and the seed, of what is now “The Yapa Project” was planted. 

We hope to share the beauty artisans’ handcrafted products with you, and hope to extend our appreciation of their talents. Our mission is to alleviate poverty, reduce inequality & create opportunity through fair trade and community engagement. We hope you feel a connection to the culture of Ecuador like we have, and enjoy the handmade products and crafts in your home.


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